Comfort Perfected, with Lennox Heat Pumps

Reaching whole-home comfort all year has never been as attainable as it is with a Lennox heat pump. While the name may lead you to assume that it’s simply a heater, heat pumps efficiently heat and cool through all seasons. Think of it as the multi-tool of heating and cooling.

As with many technologies, heat pumps are becoming more and more common due to their capability to care for comfort year-round. And one of the best features is that they’re just as efficient as your current air conditioner, so you’re getting the added bonus of heating and cooling all in the same system. Of course when we mention efficiency we have to talk about how it converts to energy bill savings. And everyone likes to save a little extra money.

So if you want to hear a little more about the heat pumps Air Houston Mechanical LLC has to offer, check out your options below. When you find the perfect new heat pump for your home and have a few more questions about it, ask us. We’re here to make sure your home is always as comfortable as you want it, because there are only a couple things better than a comfortable home.

Questions about the heat pump you now want or about heat pump replacement in general? Give Air Houston Mechanical LLC in Huffman a call at 832-777-1521 or utilize our online scheduler to set up an appointment with us. We’d love to speak with you about these incredibly efficient systems.