Lennox® Air Filtration Systems

Lennox Air filtration system

Modern homes are built to keep them well insulated. While this is great for your energy bill, it’s not so helpful for indoor air quality. That’s why we love Lennox® air filtration systems in Huffman, Texas.

Pet dander, bacteria, viruses and allergens can get stuck in your home’s vents and air. And an inadequacy of reasonable ventilation can keep these air pollutants constantly recirculating through your HVAC and rooms.

That’s why air filtration is so vital to increasing your home’s comfort by producing healthy, purified air for you.

One of the accessible ways to boost your air is through an air filtration system. And we don’t just mean changing your air filter.

These high-efficiency Lennox systems dispose of mold spores, dirt and dust without producing ozone. Some whole-home systems are suitable for any HVAC system, while others are made to solely work with Lennox systems.

Our air filtration methods include:

  • Media air cleaners
  • HEPA filtration systems
  • Additional filters

Call us at 832-224-3887 right away for other info on how to heighten your home’s air quality. Whether you prefer a filtration system or HEPA filter, our heating and cooling pros can show you the best product for your home.

Lennox Air Filtration Comparison Brochure

Lennox Air Filtration Comparison Card

Lennox® air filtration and purification systems work with your heating and cooling system to improve the air throughout your home. Click to download our current Lennox air filtration system product comparison card to figure out which system would work best for you.

PureAir S Brochure

PureAir™ S Brochure

The PureAir™ S air purification system is the perfect smart system to get if you want the air in your home amazingly clean. Click to download our current PureAir S brochure.

Supplying the Leading Air Purifiers for Your House

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Not only does a Lennox® air purifier skillfully filter air, it can help enhance your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. That’s because it helps lower contaminants that can build up gradually.

Different air cleaning systems only filter one kind of indoor air pollutant. Lennox supplies models that filter out all three: bacteria and viruses, chemical odors and vapors.

Here are some benefits of Lennox air purification solutions:

  • Offers hospital-grade filtration for viruses and bacteria
  • Eliminate mold spores, dust, pollen and pet dander
  • Reduce household odors with a carbon filter
  • A variety of equipment is compatible with Lennox smart thermostats, so you won’t forget to swap out your filter or purifier

Reach out to the Air Houston Mechanical LLC experts at 832-224-3887 when you need help choosing an air purifier for your space. We’ll review all the choices and help you discover a strong match for your family’s needs.

Battle Against Mold and Bacteria with a Germicidal Lamp

When it comes to making your home’s air healthier, we have the ideal solution for you.

Starting with the strength of ultraviolet light, germicidal lights are able to securely lessen the total of germs in your house.

This light doesn’t just work on your house’s air quality. It also renders your equipment efficient, eliminating mold, pet dander and other pollutants that collect in your HVAC system over the years.

Simply placed into your current HVAC system, UV light gives you clearer, healthier air even when your HVAC isn’t on.

With the help of Air Houston Mechanical LLC, it’s easy to make your home’s air more pure. Phone us at 832-224-3887 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

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Germicidal Light