How Much Does a Mini-Split Cost?

Updated: 2/14/2024

Areas without ductwork, such as addition, sunroom, or garage, can be difficult to heat and cool. Extending ductwork from an existing system may be pricey. And that additional area could just be too large for your home comfort equipment to manage since your equipment wasn’t sized with it in mind.

A mini-split is a great option for these areas as it doesn’t require ductwork. This comprehensive heating and cooling system have two components: an outdoor condenser and an indoor wall-mounted evaporator. It’s typically referred to as a mini-split heat pump as it shifts heating and cooling, in place of generating it. Because of that, mini-splits are very energy-efficient, with most earning ENERGY STAR® certification.

Selecting the appropriate kind for your residence can seem like a lot of work, but our heating and cooling pros at Air Houston Mechanical LLC can provide support. We’ll start with a zero-pressure meeting to learn about your needs before offering you a free estimate. We’ll also go over any special offers, rebates, and financing you might be able to take advantage of.

Here’s about how much you can anticipate paying when you’re installing a ductless mini split.

Average Mini-Split Installation Cost

One of the most often used sizes is a 12,000 BTU mini split. This will heat and cool approximately 450–550 square feet, or about the size of a studio apartment.

With professional installation, the typical mini-split cost for this size is around $3,000, according to HomeAdvisor, which compiles average nationwide prices for typical home improvement projects.

Your precise mini-split installation cost will vary based on the type you choose and how energy efficient it is. Per HomeAdvisor, other additional costs could involve:

  • Installing a concrete area for the outdoor condenser is $75–$300.
  • Installing a dedicated electrical circuit is $250.
  • Upgrading the electrical panel, $1,200. This may be necessary if you have an older house.

Do Mini-Splits Qualify for a Tax Credit?

Buying an ENERGY STAR-certified ductless mini-split can make you eligible for valuable tax credits. The mini-split tax credit is $300 for select systems installed at your house through December 31, 2021. We recommend talking with your tax professional for more information.

Energy companies in Huffman also usually have rebates for buying energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment. We’ll help you navigate this process to ensure you get the best value from your new mini-split unit.

Are Mini-Splits Worth the Cost?

Although getting a mini split is usually more expensive than traditional heating and cooling systems, it’s an extremely efficient way to heat and cool troublesome areas in your residence. These involve:

  • Additions.
  • Garages.
  • Sunrooms.
  • Rooms you don’t visit very regularly.
  • Areas with hot and cold spots.

ENERGY STAR also advises having mini splits in residences with atypical challenges, such as:

  • Costly electric heat from baseboards, wall heaters, or radiators.
  • Expensive central heat, either as a result of high fuel expenses or decreased efficiency.
  • Older residences that don’t have ductwork due to a radiator or baseboard heat.

In contrast with traditional electric heating and cooling, ENERGY STAR says a mini split can save you up to 30% on cooling and up to 60% on heating. You’ll also have precise control over settings from room to room, because of zoned mini-split technology.

Single-Zone vs. Multi-Zone Mini-Split AC System Costs

Single-Zone Mini-Split AC System Costs

A single-zone mini-split AC unit ranges from $2,000 to $8,800, making it an ideal choice for small homes or individuals seeking to cool a single room. For additional cooling zones, each extra zone requires an investment of $800 to $1,300 for installation.

Multi-Zone Mini-Split AC System Costs

Multi-zone mini-split systems are suitable for cooling two to five rooms, with some models capable of servicing up to eight zones. Beyond eight zones, installing a second outdoor unit may be necessary to meet the system’s power demands. Despite this, mini-split AC installation remains more economical than traditional central air HVAC systems.

Mini-Split vs. Multi-Split AC System Costs

Mini-Split AC System Costs

A mini-split system, priced between $1,000 and $4,200, comprises one outdoor and one indoor unit. It is a cost-effective HVAC solution designed for cooling or heating individual rooms or small spaces. Mini-split systems are generally more budget-friendly than multi-split systems and offer the convenience of personalized temperature control for each area they serve, ensuring customized comfort within limited spaces.

Multi-Split AC System Costs

A multi-split system is a versatile HVAC option that connects multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit, enabling simultaneous heating or cooling of several rooms. However, the installation process is more complex and typically more expensive than that of mini-split systems, costing between $2,500 and $14,000, depending on the number of required zones.

Our Professionals Can Handle All Your Mini-Split Installation Needs

From helping you choose the ideal model to professionally installing it, our pros at Air Houston Mechanical LLC can take care of all your mini-split installation needs. Give us a call at (832) 501-3419 right away to discover how a mini-split system can make your house comfier and to receive your free estimate!

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