Winterizing Your HVAC System: A Step-by-Step Guide


As temperatures drop drastically during winter, homeowners must ensure that their HVAC system is operating optimally. One way to ensure your unit does not break down and supplies heat all winter without encountering problems is to winterize your HVAC system. You should contact an HVAC professional to inspect the unit and ensure it is in ideal condition before the start of the cold season. Winterizing might involve the repair and replacement of some parts of your units, while others might be checked and cleaned by an expert. A professional might also adjust the calibrations and settings of other components, like thermostats to suit the cold season.

1. Change Your Air Filters

Dust, particles and debris accumulate on the air filter with time. After long periods without operation during the warm season, replacing your filters when preparing for the cold season is imperative. A clogged air filter forces your HVAC system to work harder than usual, leading to increased wear and tear and contributing to a possible breakdown. A dirty air filter can also cause inconsistent airflow and damage your system. Additionally, the harder the unit works, the more likely it will consume energy, resulting in higher energy bills for the homeowner. HVAC experts from Air Houston Mechanical LLC can check the condition of your air filters and replace them with appropriate ones.

2. Check, Clean and Repair Vents

Ducts and vents supply hot air from your system to the rest of the home. A damaged vent can have tiny holes, causing leaks and drafts. Drafts can significantly reduce the efficiency of the HVAC unit to heat your home. Therefore, you should have an HVAC professional check the ducts and vents for any leaks and repair them. Clogged and dirty vents also block hot air from the unit from being supplied to the rest of your home. Cleaning them helps in increasing your HVAC system’s efficiency. Licensed HVAC professionals from Air Houston Mechanical LLC can assess the state of these ducts and vents and have them repaired, if necessary.

3. Schedule a Professional Maintenance

Before the onset of winter, contact professionals from an HVAC company to check your unit. During the summer, your system is usually idle for most of the season because you may not need it to heat your home. Thus, you may not know of any broken or faulty components in the system. A technician will effectively diagnose the system, determine which parts need repairs and replacement, and leave your HVAC system working in optimal condition. An expert will also lubricate moving parts and ensure your unit does not work harder than usual. Other measures they might take include checking vents for blocks and seals, cleaning air intake grills and checking electrical connections and wires. Hiring a licensed professional is crucial because they may identify and rectify a problem before it becomes severe.

4. Insulate Vents and Ducts

Insulating your vents and ducts prevents hot air from escaping your system, increasing the efficiency of your HVAC unit. It also reduces the energy bills you might have to incur as a result of the heat loss.

5. Program Thermostat Settings

Investing in a programmable thermostat is crucial for winterizing your HVAC unit. Smart thermostats are intelligent enough to lower temperatures to a predetermined degree when no occupants are in your home. It also cranks up when the home’s occupants are present and maintains an ideal energy-saving temperature. Have an HVAC professional adjust your smart thermostat to ideal temperatures to save energy during winter.

6. Protect Your Outdoor Unit

During winter, your outdoor HVAC unit may be exposed to snow, rain, ice and other debris. It is crucial to have a waterproof cover to protect the unit from these materials. When placing the cover, the HVAC expert allows for the unit’s ventilation and ensures it doesn’t seal completely. A homeowner should also have the outdoor unit cleaned regularly to prevent dust, leaves, dirt and sticks from blocking it and reducing the unit’s efficiency.

Rely on the Experts

Winterizing your HVAC unit guarantees its operation at optimum capacity during the cold months. Before the beginning of the cold season, hire HVAC professionals from Air Houston Mechanical LLC to assess the condition of the unit and winterize it appropriately. We also offer comprehensive cooling, heating, indoor air quality, duct cleaning and home energy audits in Conroe, TX, and the surrounding areas. Some of our services include repairing, installing and maintaining furnaces, mini splits, AC and heat pumps. Contact Air Houston Mechanical LLC today for exceptional HVAC solutions.

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