Set Your Thermostat for Maximum Comfort and Savings


Using a programmable thermostat gives you a lot of conveniences when it comes to comfort. Not only do they allow for a variety of programs to be set for your needs, but they also make it easy to take advantage of a variety of savings if used correctly. Of course, the weather in Huffman can be unpredictable and the temperature swings can seem outrageous, but there are steps you can take to make sure you experience maximum comfort while also saving money year after year.

Reaping the benefits of your programmable thermostat isn’t hard, and one of the easiest ways to maximize those benefits is by understanding the schedule of your home. Every schedule is unique but taking the time to know your needs will allow you to program your thermostat correctly and only be heating and cooling your home when it needs it.

Sure, you can take the approach of fiddling with it when you leave or get home every day, but why waste your time when you could have it set up to meet your comfort needs every day? It is a programmable thermostat after all, so why not use it to boost your comfort and energy savings?

Setting your thermostat for big pieces of time allows it to run more efficiently, saving you money and ensuring your comfort level is right where you want it. Programming a schedule for your programmable thermostat will provide you with increased efficiency and more consistent temperatures, especially when you limit temperature changes to 10-degree differences or less. Maintaining a consistent temperature will also help you resist the urge to continuously walk over to your thermostat and use your “hold” button or make drastic adjustments.

In addition to the basic operation of your programmable thermostat, many host a range of features that may help you lessen your energy consumption and may potentially lower your energy costs.

  • Programmable thermostats usually offer pre-programmed settings, including specific options for work and vacation. Using these regularly helps keep your system from operating when you’re away from Huffman for long periods when the temperature of your home is not as important.
  • Some programmable thermostats include an option to lock the thermostat, so when kids come home after school before you’re home, you can rest assured that there isn’t any playing with the temperature settings.
  • Something else to ponder is that making large temperature adjustments does not help your home heat up or cool down any speedier. Setting your programmable thermostat for any other temperature than the one you’d like to achieve only leaves you open to forgetting about it and making it too warm, too cold, or wasting energy.

Programmable thermostats are a great addition, and when used appropriately, they can make sure maximum comfort is achieved and can potentially save you money as well. There are several programmable thermostats available, so give Air Houston Mechanical LLC in Huffman a call at (832) 501-3419 if you have any questions as to which option would best suit your needs.

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