What to Do When the Heat Goes Out in Huffman Prior to Furnace Repair


You’re in the middle of the most frigid week of winter and you wake up shaking in a pile of blankets in bed. The first thing you think is, “Why in the world has my furnace not kicked on?” Of course, you don’t want to find yourself in a scenario like this where it feels like you’re doomed to suffer until morning to arrange furnace repair, but there are a few things you can check, as well as a couple of things you can do, to stay ready and prep for a situation like this.

Before You Experience Problems:

  • Furnace service. Chilly nights and furnace repair can’t always be avoided but having annual furnace service completed can help you avoid a chilly morning.
  • Compile supplies. Set aside some room in a closet, drawer, or another easy-to-access area for blankets, a space heater, gloves, hats, and any number of other accessories to keep you warm while your furnace isn’t working. It may seem annoying or unnecessary now, but it will be nice when you need it most.

After You Suspect Your Furnace Quit Running:

  • Check the circuit breaker. There’s a chance that the breaker to your furnace may have been tripped by a power surge or for another reason. If this occurs, turn the breaker back on and you may be set. If the breaker is tripped and you have flipped it back on, but your furnace still isn’t working, give us a call to arrange an appointment for furnace repair.
  • Layer on and get cozy. That list of supplies we recommended above will come in handy here. Layers can help you retain body heat so you can stay cozy while waiting for your pro. Also, try to find something to do to keep your blood pumping, as increased activity can help keep you comfortable.
  • Stay safe. Utilizing something other than your furnace to heat your home can pose a possible danger depending on the method you’re choosing. It’s important to remember to never use heating methods created for outdoor use – i.e., kerosene heaters, grills, or any other carbon monoxide-producing methods. If you need to use an alternate method, electric space heaters, fireplaces or wood stoves are your best bets.

No one wants to deal with furnace repair in the middle of winter after their furnace has quit running, but the opportunity is real if you don’t take the proper steps. Give the pros at Air Houston Mechanical LLC a call at (832) 501-3419 if you have any questions about these tips, the furnace repair services provided, or any other number of heating questions.

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