Furnace Troubleshooting: What to Do Before Calling for Furnace Repair


The changing weather in Huffman can mean a variety of things, from the changing color of leaves to turning on your furnace for the colder months. Of course, complete home comfort is your year-round goal, but sometimes our heating and cooling equipment doesn’t feel like cooperating. That doesn’t mean that you’re automatically destined for furnace repair though.

When your furnace fails to work or you notice it behaving strangely, there are a couple of things you can check on before calling in the experts at Air Houston Mechanical LLC for furnace repair. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to try before giving us a call.

  1. Check your thermostat

    This is one of the simplest checks that homeowners can do independently and might solve the issue more than they’d like to admit. Be sure your thermostat is:

    • Set to “heat”
    • Set higher than the room temperature
    • Working with a new battery
  2. Look at the furnace filter

    Dirty filters can cause furnaces to act erratically, making them shut down without notice and without making a peep. Furnace filters have been the cause of a lot of furnace repair calls in the past, but there’s no reason to pick up the phone when you can change it yourself. Not to mention that a dirty furnace filter lowers your system’s efficiency and harms airflow.

  3. Find and inspect your furnace’s switches

    Nearly all of the time, switches to your furnace are found:

    • Around the furnace and usually, look like your everyday light switch.
    • At your circuit breaker panel. Find the breaker that controls your furnace and figure out if it is in the middle position or the Off position. If it is, cycle the breaker to Off and then flip it back to the On position.
  4. Open all of your vents

    A routine error among homeowners is to close vents in unused rooms, but this could lead to a need for furnace repair. Closing these vents could potentially cause your system to be less efficient and shut down because of added airflow pressure.

    If you’ve completed these four troubleshooting tips and still aren’t having any luck getting your system back operating, it’s probably time to give us a shout. The team at Air Houston Mechanical LLC in Huffman is here to make sure all of your furnace repair needs are met, so give us a call at (832) 501-3419.

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