What is load calculation and how does it factor in to my new air conditioner?


When the time comes for an air conditioner replacement, a load calculation determined by a pro is a crucial step in making certain that you’re choosing the right system for your home. Every home has its specific demands for a cooling system. Installing an inappropriately sized system will negatively impact your comfort and your utility bills. So, what plays a role in a home’s load calculation?

Our pros take into account a variety of factors when determining the load calculation and the size of the system you will need. We look at factors such as the environment of your area, square footage of your home, design, insulation levels, roof type, size and location of windows, sun exposure, and the habits of and schedule of the people living inside the home.

We want to match you with the air conditioner replacement that matches up with your home, and bigger isn’t always the best. A system that is larger than necessary could create a variety of issues.

  • It may cost you more money to run.
  • An oversized system doesn’t have to work as long so it will continually be warming up and cooling down, which causes more wear and tear on your unit.
  • A unit that doesn’t run as long also fails to dehumidify the air, which might affect your comfort.
  • If your system is too little, you’ll have trouble keeping your home at the set temperature.

Ensuring correct air flow is the key to your home’s comfort. A professional room-by-room load calculation will help to ensure that your air conditioner, ductwork, and registers are all working in sync to keep you comfortable. Load calculation was once based only on square footage, and while that is a piece of the puzzle, there are many variables we factor in to find the correct products for your home.

Keeping your home comfortable while making the most of efficiency is our specialty. When you reach the point where you’re looking into an air conditioner replacement, give our professionals a call at (832) 501-3419.

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