Snowstorms and Furnaces


We haven’t completely escaped winter in Huffman just yet. Mother Nature may have a few nice days, but she’s always prepared to remind us that she’s in charge. When she does, you may not have to unexpectedly call a professional for furnace service if you keep a few simple things in mind.

Both conventional furnaces and high-efficiency furnaces exhaust waste gases outside of the home. The difference with high-efficiency furnaces is that they also transfer fresh air from outside the home. The ability for air to move freely is vital to the proper and safe operation of a high-efficiency unit.

High-efficiency intake and exhaust pipes can exit through the side of your home or vertically through the roof. Heavy snowfall can cover your intake and exhaust pipes in the snow, hindering the free flow of air needed to work your high-efficiency furnace (High-efficiency furnaces are created to automatically shut off should a blockage occur). To save that from happening during a heavy snowfall, it’s crucial to:

[Keep|Ensure you have|Maintain]26] a 3-foot/1-meter clearance around your intake and exhaust pipes to help keep this from happening.
Inspect the area routinely to be sure that it stays clear.
While the weather in Huffman will probably fluctuate up and down over the last few days of winter, you can’t count out the chance of weather that can impact the performance of your furnace. At Air Houston Mechanical LLC LLC in Huffman, we are always available to check any areas around your home or answer any of your questions, whether they’re about furnace service or purchasing a new system. Keeping you and your family safe and comfortable is our number one priority. Give us a call at (832) 501-3419 to find out more information.

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