Make your home even more cozy this winter with proper humidification


It’s not the heat, it’s the lack of humidity. Humidity is something that people only appear to indicate during the months of heat, but the lack of humidity in your home could be negatively affecting your indoor air quality and how you feel. As much time as we devote to our home, especially when it’s cold outside, a whole-home humidifier could enhance your comfort and your health.

Staying Healthy

Having the proper humidity levels in your home can help halt the spread of infection. Air without humidity dries out the mucus membranes within your sinuses, which filter out bacteria. Dry air also adds to the likelihood of colds and flu in the wintertime. Furthermore, bacteria and viruses have a tougher time moving in moist air. Maintaining your home at ideal humidity could help you carry on feeling well during the coming season.

Ease Static Electricity

Is your hair standing on end? Have you been upsetting your family and pets? Listening to your sweater crackle as you put it on? You may have a humidity problem. Moisture in the air lets static charges leave items because water conducts electricity; with no water in the air the charge can’t go anywhere, and someone is bound to get shocked.

Increased Comfort

Whole-home humidifiers help your home feel warmer during the colder seasons. Just like a humid day in the summer feels warmer than it is, humidity in the winter will make you feel cozier. Not only will the appropriate humidity level keep you content, but it could also decrease your spending. If you feel warmer you won’t have to hike up your thermostat to stay comfortable.

There are many more benefits to keeping your home adequately humidified. Our whole-home humidity products will increase both your indoor air quality and your comfort. They could also help save you money in the process. We’d love to answer any uncertainties you may have about humidifiers or any other indoor air quality concerns. Give us a call at (832) 501-3419.

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