How to Evenly Heat and Cool Your Home


A good HVAC system means your home will constantly be at the perfect temperature, right? That’s not always the case. Even with a top-of-the-line HVAC system, you may find that your home isn’t evenly heated or cooled—especially on the coldest and hottest Huffman days. That’s because there’s more that goes into the equation. Your registers, how you run your HVAC, and other personal preferences can influence the temperatures you feel throughout your house. The pros at Air Houston Mechanical LLC are here to explain some things that you can adjust to more evenly heat and cool your home without needing heating and cooling service.

Check for Closed, Blocked, or CDirty Registers

Check your house for blocked registers and air returns that are covered by curtains or furniture, or that have dirt and debris built up dust and dirt on them. Blocked registers can cause uneven heating and cooling. If a register is blocked, heated or cooled air will be redirected to other rooms leaving certain rooms at unwanted temperatures.

Make Sure You Have Enough Insulation

If your home doesn’t have enough insulation in the attic, you could be losing heated air during the winter and permitting hot outside air through the summer through the top of your home. A poorly or inadequately insulated attic could end with major temperature differences on separate levels of your home. Check that you have enough insulation and that it’s the appropriate kind of insulation for your type of home and the weather in Huffman.

Keep Your HVA Fan Running

Lots of people keep their HVAC fan set to “Auto” and think this means the fan will only run when it’s needed. What happens is that the fan only runs when the heating or cooling kicks on. By putting your fan in the “On” position, you can help keep heated and cooled air circulating through your home constantly and, therefore, keep the temperature more uniform throughout your house.

Check Your Home and Your Ducts for Leaks

For ducts that have leaks or holes in them, they could spell trouble for your HVAC system. They’ll have to operate harder to do their job, and some rooms could end up hotter or colder than others rooms. The same is true for air leaks near windows and doors in certain rooms. Luckily, repairing most air leaks is fairly easy.

Consider a Zoning System

Another thing you can do to improve how evenly your home is heated and cooled is to have your existing HVAC system zoned. It’s more of a long-term project and a greater investment than other methods of heating and cooling your home evenly, but it gives you ultimate control. If you are interested in more information about zoning options for your home, Air Houston Mechanical LLC can help.

If you have more questions about how to heat or cool your home, call us at (832) 501-3419. Or, if you believe you may need heating and cooling service, we can certainly walk you through our services.

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