3 Things That Can Happen If Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Level


Whether you’re getting a new air conditioner or looking to maximize your current one, having it level is important.

Air conditioners are usually installed on concrete pads. Over time, the pad can crack, shift or sink. This can cause breakdowns and even premature failure. Let’s go over some of the issues that can happen and how to fix an air conditioner that isn’t level.

  1. Damaged Compressor
    Your air conditioner’s compressor is an important part. As its name suggests, it compresses liquid refrigerant that has turned into gas as it absorbs heat from your house. Once the compressor exhausts heat under pressure, the refrigerant becomes liquid again.

    The compressor relies on oil to work properly. If your air conditioner isn’t level, its oil could be distributed unequally.

    This can create:

    • Compressor damage because of grinding parts.
    • A compressor that’s too hot.
    • Higher electricity bills due to less efficient cooling.

    The compressor is one of the costliest components to replace on your air conditioner. If it fails, you’re better off doing an air conditioning installation because of this part’s cost.

  2. Rust and Mold
    Water is a natural byproduct of the cooling process. Your air conditioner gets rid of moisture from the air as it cools your home. This moisture flows into a pan and then out through a line.

    If your air conditioner isn’t level, water might end up accumulating in the pan instead of draining away. This can cause:

    • Water accumulates near the air conditioner.
    • Rust and mold.
    • Damaged coils, which won’t be able to get rid of heat as well.
    • More expensive energy bills due to less efficient cooling.
  3. Increased Wear and Tear
    If your air conditioner isn’t level, it may vibrate excessively. This can cause obnoxious sounds when on and even require air conditioning repair.

    Too much vibration can:

    • Place extra strain on parts and wear them out faster.
    • Shake loose refrigerant lines and cause a costly refrigerant leak.
    • Make your air conditioner sink even more.
    • Eventually wear out your air conditioner much faster.

    How to Level an Air Conditioner Pad

    Leveling an air conditioner pad takes experience. It’s typically not a job you’ll want to tackle by yourself, since your air conditioner might need to be temporarily disconnected. This requires the help of a certified HVAC tech.

    If you think your air conditioner is sinking and causing problems, give Air Houston Mechanical LLC a call at (832) 501-3419. We’ll inspect your air conditioner for any damage and then determine the best way to get it level again.

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