7 Common Mini-Split Issues and How to Fix Them


Having a mini-split installation done is a smart solution for solving comfort difficulties in your residence. These systems don’t have to have ductwork to deliver energy-efficient heating and cooling. Much like any other home comfort system, they can experience issues occasionally. Here are seven of the most frequent mini-split troubles and how you can repair them.

  1. Mini-Split is Dripping Water or Not Draining Water
    If your mini split is dripping water or not draining water, there could be an issue with the condensate drain or drain line. It’s expected for a drain line to be clogged with mold, forcing water to back up, and spill. Reach Air Houston Mechanical LLC at (832) 501-3419 for support and we’ll get your drain unclogged rapidly.
  2. Mini-Split is Making Noise
    Mini-splits usually don’t generate much noise when they’re operating. But there are two times when they could create sounds.
    • Popping or clicking: This can be the result of the plastic housing expanding or contracting while the system is on.
    • Swooshing, crackling or gurgling: This can take place if your mini split goes into defrost mode to prevent itself from icing up.

    You shouldn’t be worried if you hear these noises as they’re normal. However, if your mini-split keeps switching into defrost mode, it’s a sign that something is up, such as not enough refrigerant, a bad circuit board, or defective sensors. Your Air Houston Mechanical LLC HVAC tech will be able to find and correct the issue quickly.

  3. Mini-Split is Not Heating or Blowing Hot Air
    If your mini split is not heating or blowing hot air, frozen coils may be to blame. As we discussed before, frozen coils could be the consequence of low refrigerant, a failing circuit board, or broken sensors. Contact us at (832) 501-3419 for help.
  4. Mini-Split is Not Cooling or Blowing Cold Air
    If your mini split is not cooling or blowing cold air, there might be a refrigerant leak. Your mini-split AC relies on refrigerant to shift heat and keep your house comfortable. These leaks must be fixed by a licensed HVAC tech, so contact us at (832) 501-3419 for assistance.
  5. Mini-Split is Not Dehumidifying
    Similar to an air conditioner, a mini-split does a great job of dehumidifying during the summer. However, this might be interrupted by clogs in the condensate drain line. Another reason your mini-split air conditioner may not be dehumidifying very effectively is if it’s oversized. A system that’s too large will cool down a space too quickly without having a chance to dehumidify it. Mini-split size is based on square footage and BTUs.
  6. Mini-Split Smells
    If your ductless mini-split smells, it’s trying to grab your attention that something is wrong. Here are five of the most typical smells and what they mean.
  7. Musty, Sour, or Mildew

    If your mini-split smells musty, sour, or mildew, you may have a mold issue. Have a specialist like Air Houston Mechanical LLC inspect and clean the condensate drain and drain line if required.


    If your mini-split smells like vinegar or has a sweet odor, you’re possibly dealing with a refrigerant leak. Another certain clue that you don’t have sufficient refrigerant is a low concentration of cold air. Reach us at (832) 501-3419 for assistance.


    If your mini-split smells like fish, a few things could be wrong. In some situations, this smell means there is electrical trouble or that there’s a leak. Nevertheless, call us at (832) 501-3419 for assistance.

  8. Mini-Split Will Not Power On
    If your mini split will not power on, check the remote first. If the batteries are dead, your mini split won’t turn on. In the majority of experiences, replacing the batteries will solve the issue. If you’re still running into trouble, contact us at (832) 501-3419.
  9. Rely on Us for Your Mini-Split Repair Needs
    When you need mini-split repair or air conditioning repair in Huffman, call the company your neighbors and friends have depended on since 2009. Quality repairs, reasonable prices, and your comfort are our main priorities! Reach us at (832) 501-3419 to schedule your appointment today.

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