8 Common Air Conditioning Repairs and How Much They May Cost to Fix


A dependable air conditioner is one of the most vital parts of your home comfort system, especially when you live in Huffman Over its life span, even the best air conditioner is going to break or malfunction.

The cost of repairs will depend on the size and severity of the problem. Let’s discuss some of the most common air conditioning repair services and the average estimated costs1 to repair them.

  1. Air Filter
    The air filter is a central component of a cooling system. It traps dust and other debris, stopping it from circulating into your HVAC ductwork. Changing or cleaning the filter is fast and easy. Most of the time you can do it without the help of a professional HVAC technician.

    Disposable filters are the most common. Depending on the design you use, it can be a few dollars for a flat filter or around $20 for a pleated filter. If you have a cleanable filter, the only cost is the water and effort it takes to clean it.

    Typically, your filter should be changed every month to three months. If you don’t do so frequently, your air conditioner will have to work more intensely to hold the set temperature. This can increase your monthly utility bills.

  2. Thermostat
    Your thermostat is how you use your air conditioner. If something is malfunctioning with the thermostat, you might think there’s a problem with the AC system itself. Sometimes repairing the issue is as straightforward as adjusting the settings.

    If this doesn’t resolve the problem, an HVAC technician from Air Houston Mechanical LLC can help. The cost of replacing your thermostat will start with the model you choose. Smart models include added features and can help you save money in the long run. Swapping out your thermostat starts around $75, depending on hardware and labor.

  3. Refrigerant Leak
    Refrigerant is a crucial part of your air conditioner because it transfers heat out of your home. If it’s cracked, costs can include both repairing the leak and replacing any lost refrigerant.

    For the most part, refreshing your supply of coolant is between $100 to $350, but this number can be higher if your air conditioner is larger or uses R-22. Also known as Freon, R-22 is no longer in production due to its harm to the ozone layer. Only recycled quantities are used now, making it more expensive.

    If your air conditioner uses R-22, has a leak, or is getting older, your technician may point you toward our air conditioning installation in Huffman. We also serve nearby communities.

  4. Electrical Issues
    Electrical components consist of the circuit board, as well as breakers and fuses. Damage or malfunctions can influence a broad number of air conditioning systems like the motor, compressor, or AC contactor.

    Most electrical components cost around $75–$290 to repair or replace. The circuit board is more important and replacing it can be between $125–$625. Your Air Houston Mechanical LLC technician will take a look at these parts during the diagnosis to determine if they’re the reason other parts are malfunctioning.

  5. Evaporator and Condenser Coils
    Most air conditioners have two coils. The evaporator coil holds the refrigerant and soaks up the heat from the surrounding air. Replacing this component costs between $675–$1,300.

    The condenser coil condenses the coolant into liquid before spreading the heat outdoors. Replacement costs are often around $581 or higher, depending on your brand of the air conditioner.

  6. Drainage Issues
    If your air conditioner is suffering from drainage problems, costs may include both water damage as well the repair or replacement of damaged parts. Affected components may include:

    Drain pan, which collects, and drains condensed water. Replacement: $250–$575
    The condensate drain tube drains the drain pan. Replacement: $100–$195.
    The drain line may need to be flushed out of mold, mildew, or clogs. Service cost: $75–$250.

  7. Ductwork Repair
    Without your air ducts, cool air cannot move through your home. Cracks and leaks will need to be repaired to stop your cooling bills from getting bigger. Repairs most often cost between $300–$500. Installing new ductwork is more expensive but can offer greatly increased energy efficiency. This cost depends on the size of your home but typically runs several thousand dollars.
  8. Service Calls and Tune-Ups
    The cost of a service call will depend on your location and local demand. It’s generally between $70–$200, which covers travel and basic diagnostics. Other key aspects for consideration are labor and parts, which are often flat rates. Labor may run between $70–$130 per hour.

    Emergency services are almost always more expensive, but worth it to prevent interruptions to your comfort. An average emergency call may be around $315 for the night, weekend, or holiday visits.

    Professional air conditioning maintenance runs around $85 to $110. Signing up for a yearly maintenance plan is usually less expensive, with an average fixed cost of $150 for two visits. Our service plan is an exceptional value because we can uncover and handle problems quickly and inexpensively. This service can also reduce your likelihood of malfunctions and breakdowns.

    Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

    Our friendly, experienced technicians will provide comprehensive information about your air conditioner. In many cases, providing info you’ve learned beforehand will help us locate the source of the problem.

    Common signs you need air conditioning repairs include:

    • Annoying or loud noises. Listen for hissing, clanging, or gurgling sounds.
    • Warm air or poor circulation. Electrical failure keeps cooling systems from working, while an obstruction in your ductwork restricts airflow. This can also be stemming from a dirty air filter.
    • Short cycling or inconsistent operation. Frequent starting and stopping add an abnormal amount of strain to your air conditioner. This is often caused by a dirty air filter.
    • Higher utility bills. Faulty components or clogs force your air conditioner to work harder. Watch your monthly bills for sudden increases.

    If your repair bill exceeds $1,500, it may be a better option to schedule an air conditioning installation instead. A new air conditioner is more energy efficient, which can save you money on cooling bills over time.

    Your Air Houston Mechanical LLC technician will help you make the right choice. Since 2009, we’ve been known for our honest, high-quality air conditioning repair in Huffman and our devotion to outstanding customer service. Request your appointment by calling us at (832) 501-3419 today!

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