3 Mini-Split Noises and What They Mean


It’s natural for your heating and cooling equipment to make some noise during standard operation. A mini-split system is no different, despite its unique and compact design. But specific noises may be evidence that a problem is brewing.

Air Houston Mechanical LLC would like to help. We’ve provided a few common mini-split noises and what they might mean for your HVAC system. As you become more familiar with these sounds, you’ll be better prepared to request professional help. The sooner a problem is addressed, the more the risk of severe damage is reduced.

  1. Rattling/Crackling Noise
    These kinds of noises are frequently metallic, and most often imply something is loose. Since mini-split systems consist of two or more units, you’ll want to inspect them all. If a bolt is coming free, refastening it may resolve crackling noises. The fan or motor may also be damaged or loose, making noise as it rattles against the rest of the mini-split.
  2. Buzzing/Humming
    A mini-split buzzing noise is also common. Similar to vibrating or humming, this could be an electrical problem with the outdoor unit’s compressor. When the compressor is humming or buzzing, it’s generally because the system is receiving an unusual number of amps. Unfortunately, electrical problems like these are more complex to properly diagnose. They are best handled by a certified and insured professional.

    Occasionally the mini-split condensate pump naturally produces a similar noise. Some homeowners can use insulating foam to reduce this noise.

  3. Hissing/High-Pitched Whistling
    A hissing noise is concerning, particularly if it’s coming from the indoor unit. Cooling equipment should not produce whistling or other high-pitched noises. The most common cause of these types of sounds is a refrigerant leak. Sometimes the leak is a result of a loose or cracked valve. But if the coils are damaged, resolving the problem will be more time-consuming. Both the coils and the refrigerant will need to be replaced.

    If left alone, a refrigerant leak could be disastrous. It can ruin the compressor, which is usually more severe than what mini-split AC repair can offer. An entire unit may have to be replaced, something we want you to avoid whenever possible.

    We Offer Fast and Effective Mini-Split Repair in Huffman

    If your mini-split system is making a strange or unpleasant noise, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional technician. The staff at Air Houston Mechanical LLC have years of experience diagnosing problems based on the mini-split noises you’ve shared with us. Our mini-split repair service is prompt and known for dependable solutions. You can trust our technicians to guide you toward the best option for the long-term health of your mini-split system.

    To learn more, get in touch with a member of our staff. Request an appointment or your free quote by phone at (832) 501-3419 today. Before you know it, your mini split is back to only making the noises it’s supposed to.

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