Use These Tips to Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter


When you think of winter, we hope you think of a cozy evening curled up by the fire. But now and then winter doesn’t want to go along with our plans, and we’re left shivering in our own homes. You may not be able to stop a blizzard from rolling through, but you can prevent your HVAC system from being unprepared for winter. Nobody likes or deserves a faulty furnace, which is why we prepared this checklist for getting your HVAC system ready for winter.

Five Ways to Prepare Your HVAC for Winter

  1. Cover up Your Outdoor Unit and Clear the Space Around It
    Since most HVAC systems have an outdoor condenser unit to release heat, you’ll want to ensure that the area surrounding it is clean of any yard debris. Clean 5 feet of space or so from any plants or sticks. It’s also smart to make sure it’s protected by a bit of tarp or similar material during the winter. This keeps ice and other debris from getting inside the condenser.
  2. Clean or Replace the Air Filter
    Always inspect and clean out your air filter, usually found in your furnace’s indoor air handler. Dust, pollen, animal dander, and many other kinds of debris can slowly accumulate in the air filter. If it goes unchecked, your furnace could lose efficiency and potentially even become a fire hazard. A fresh air filter helps air to flow easily, maintaining good ventilation and helping keep indoor air quality higher. To enjoy the most benefit from your filter, make sure to clean or replace it every few months or based on manufacturer instructions.
  3. Clean the Blower
    The blower is essential to your Lennox furnace, and as a key component, it can attract a lot of wear and tear. Cleaning it now and then will help it continue working at its best. Vacuum the area near the blower and brush the blades with a microfiber cloth for optimum airflow. If you’re hearing any unusual noises or are not getting any circulation from the vents, hire a professional technician to check out your blower.
  4. Check for Gaps or Dents in Your Furnace
    Make sure that your furnace doesn’t have visible damage on the inside or outside units. A hole in the air handler or a large dent in the condenser unit outside can play a role in all manners of comfort problems, such as heat leaking out before it moves into your ductwork. If there is obvious damage, talk to your local technician at Air Houston Mechanical LLC about checking out the system before the temperatures start dropping. This way you can avoid letting a slight gap in the system turn into a major problem.
  5. Test Your Furnace Before It Gets Too Cold
    It’s always practical to make sure your HVAC system is functioning properly before its busiest season. If not, your heating may be unprepared for the first significant drop in temperatures. Doing a test run of your furnace can offer you the opportunity to detect potential problems right away, while they’re still simpler to solve. This also removes any dust that will often have piled up in the air ducts beforehand, removing that burnt smell. When your furnace is in working shape, you can sled away from any HVAC worries.

A Well-Prepared Furnace Is a Great Way to Welcome Winter

Winter weather should be on the way before you know it. If you spend some time getting your furnace prepped in advance, you can spend the rest of the season enjoying the holidays, having hot cocoa, or hanging out with your family inside a warm, cozy home. Don’t forget to follow the tips above to get your home prepared for next winter!

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