4 Incredible Benefits of Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems


The mini-split is one of the most common air conditioning systems today. Comprised of multiple smaller units that connect to a compressor unit outside of your home, ductless mini-splits can cool or heat your home without the need for ductwork. Our experts here at Air Houston Mechanical LLC discuss some of the benefits of mini-splits below.

1. Easy to Install

One main advantage of mini-split air conditioning systems is quick and easy installation. Unlike traditional air conditioners with large components that require substantial work to install, ductless systems utilize indoor units that connect to a compressor and condenser outside with just a relatively small conduit. As a result, other than mounting the indoor units if necessary, the primary change to your home to install a mini-split system is a small hole through the wall, floor, or ceiling to connect your units.

2. Lower Long-term Costs

Though they’re not exactly new technology, mini-splits tend to be more expensive upfront than central air conditioning systems. Because there’s less to do to install them, the actual labor cost of installing mini-splits is often lower, but the actual investment itself is often more than traditional systems. However, mini-splits are usually more efficient than central HVAC systems, which can translate to lower energy bills in the long run! Plus, mini-splits allow you to cool or heat specific areas of your home when they need it versus adjusting the entire structure’s temperature, providing further potential savings. Central HVAC systems can do so, too, but they require extra equipment to set up those zones, making mini-splits a more attractive option.

Because mini-splits don’t use ductwork, they can also avoid some of the pitfalls traditionally associated with it. Directly cooling or heating a space means the conditioned air won’t escape through leaks in ductwork. Since the air doesn’t have to travel very far, either, you don’t need to worry about the air losing heat (or gaining it, in the case of AC) as it flows through the ductwork.

3. Flexible Cooling

Conventional air conditioners push air through the ducts, which are often connected throughout an entire building. Unless you have zoning equipment as we mentioned above, turning on the central unit will circulate air to all your rooms, even the ones that you are not using at a particular moment. On the other hand, mini-split air conditioners include small indoor and outdoor units that push air directly into different rooms. This allows you to use the units to cool separate areas of your interior spaces rather than the entire building at a given time. Furthermore, their small size makes them easy to use in any room since they do not require big spaces for installation.

4. Better Indoor Air Quality

All HVAC systems have air filters built in to keep particulates from entering the system, which also helps keep your indoor air clean. However, traditional systems give you something extra to deal with: dirty ductwork. Gaps in its sealant or leaks that can form over time allow in dust and other debris, which may then circulate throughout your air and lower your indoor air quality. Essentially, with a central HVAC system, you need to occasionally invest in getting your ductwork cleaned, sealed, and inspected for damage and deterioration. While mini-splits also require regular maintenance, that’s one less component you’ll have to deal with.

As an added bonus, because each indoor unit in a mini-split system has its own filter, chances are that the filter will help clean your air even more. Instead of a single filter that your entire home’s air is pulled through before heating or cooling, each split’s filter can deal with the particulates in a given zone.

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