7 Reasons to Purchase a High-Efficiency Furnace


There are many reasons why high-efficiency furnaces are worth the money. High-efficiency furnaces cost more at first, but you will experience significant savings in energy bills and an increase in your home’s comfort.

A high-efficiency gas furnace is often referred to as a condensing furnace. Unlike traditional furnaces, this heating system has a second heat exchanger that catches extra heating energy before the furnace will exhaust gases, and this additional heat outside through PVC pipes.

If you’re not sure yet, here are seven reasons to replace your old furnace with a high-efficiency furnace!

  1. Reduced Energy Bills
    One of the main advantages high-efficiency furnaces provide is cheaper energy bills. The high-efficiency rating means these heating systems need less fuel to heat your home, possibly saving thousands on energy costs in the long run.

    Gas furnaces have a fuel utilization efficiency, AFUE, rating. This means annual fuel utilization efficiency. It measures how well your furnace consumes natural gas for generating heat. The greater the rating, the more usable heat you’ll receive and the more efficient it will be.

  2. Better Comfort
    A high-efficiency gas furnace is created to deliver comfortable heat during all types of weather and in particularly cold climates. The most efficient gas furnaces usually will have two heat exchangers, a sealed combustion chamber, and a variable-speed blower. Instead of starting on at full blast constantly, the furnace can run at a lower speed when needed and supply more usable heat at steadier temperatures. This also means it will use less natural gas.
  3. Less Noise
    A high-efficiency gas furnace is generally much quieter than standard furnaces because it doesn’t have to work as hard or burn as hot to heat your home. This is particularly helpful for those who need a quiet setting for sleeping or studying. If you’re worried about quiet operation, a two-stage furnace creates less noise because it can run at a lower speed.
  4. Healthier Indoor Air Quality
    High-efficiency gas furnaces are made with increased levels of air filtration to catch pollutants before they can pollute your air, which is particularly useful for those who live in places that have a lot of dust and other contaminants.
  5. Better for the Environment
    High-efficiency furnaces are a green solution for heating your home. They have a higher energy efficiency rating that saves on natural gas fuel costs while lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
  6. Additional Rebates
    Buying a high-efficiency furnace may qualify you for extra rebates, especially if you buy one that’s ENERGY STAR® certified. A gas furnace that’s earned this qualification must meet high standards for natural gas-to-heat consumption.

    These annual fuel utilization efficiency standards include:

    • 95% AFUE or higher for northern climates
    • 90% AFUE or greater for southern climates

    In addition to the additional rebates and the great comfort your furnace delivers, you’ll appreciate lower energy costs throughout its lifetime.

  7. Works with Smart Thermostats
    Most homeowners have a programmable thermostat for their gas furnace but have no idea how to use it. A 192-person study released by the Energy Research and Social Science journal found:
    • 42% didn’t know how to use the thermostat.
      14% didn’t know where to find the settings.
      25% know where the settings are located but didn’t know how to change them.

      With a smart thermostat, you won’t have to be wondering about keeping your home at an energy-efficient temp. Your thermostat will learn your temperature preferences and make energy savings for your higher-efficiency gas furnace.

      Since many smart thermostats are ENERGY STAR certified, utility companies often offer generous rebates. Here’s how you can get a smart thermostat for free (or close to it).

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