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Heat Pump Repair & Installation in Kingwood, TX

When it comes to heat pump service in Kingwood, TX, look no further than Air Houston Mechanical LLC. Our professional technicians perform heat pump installation of a new unit, maintenance, and repairs of a new unit. Having a heat pump installed in your home comes with several benefits. They are versatile units that provide both heating and cooling. They are also safe and offer exceptional energy efficiency in the winter.

I cant say enough good things about Air Houston Mechanical. Bailey and team has changed out entire AC systems for me, as well as perform AC repairs. Each encounter has been a favorable experience. They're responsive, prompt and communicate the issue/resolution very well. I would highly recommend Air Houston Mechanical.
- Renee Dees

Because of their numerous benefits, heat pumps are steadily gaining popularity nationwide. In winter, they heat your home by transferring heat from outside into your home. This remarkable technology captures heat from the air even when cold out. By transferring rather than generating heat, a heat pump can help reduce your carbon footprint while keeping you cozy. Depending on the model, it can also operate efficiently when in cooling mode.

While the cost of installing one can be a bit steep, heat pumps often pay for themselves over time. First, you won’t have to buy and maintain a separate heater and air conditioner. Then, due to its efficiency, it can save you money every month on utility bills. You can rely on our professional installation service for all heat pump repairs, new installations, and upgrades.

As with any heating or cooling system, regular maintenance is required to keep it operating at peak efficiency. Our maintenance service can help prevent breakdowns by spotting developing issues. Regular maintenance also helps extend the life of the unit.

Unfortunately, even with proper installation and maintenance, your heat pump may still require repair at some point. Even though we have relatively mild winters, if your unit does break down, you want it fixed immediately. That’s why we offer 24/7 availability for heat pump repairs.

If you notice the following signs, call us for a professional heat pump service.

  • Reduced cooling and heating
  • Short cycling
  • Increased electric bills
  • Strange sounds

Your Heat Pump Installation Team

Our team at Air Houston Mechanical LLC is the go-to for homeowners because we are committed to offering professional heat pump services. We focus on offering outstanding heat pump installation to keep everyone satisfied. We have more than 10 years of experience, which explains why we are one of the leading companies offering professional heat pump service in Kingwood. It is time you go for an efficient unit that works both in summer and winter.

Call Air Houston Mechanical LLC today to request more information about a heat pump service in Kingwood.

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