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HVAC Maintenance in Huffman, TX

You would do well to look into HVAC maintenance in Huffman, TX, even if your heater and AC aren’t necessarily new. A heating and AC tune-up once a year, assuming that it’s comprehensive and that a professional handles it, can help you save money in the long run.

For one thing, it allows for the most energy-efficient performance that a system is capable of. You might save on your monthly bill and deal with fewer issues throughout the year. If you ever need repairs, they will be minor. You’ll also find that your manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t become void.

Your HVAC system is meant to last for a decade or longer. For central heat pumps and gas furnaces, the number is around 15 years, and for ductless mini-splits, it can be twice that length. Regardless, your system won’t reach that lifespan without regular maintenance.

I cant say enough good things about Air Houston Mechanical. Bailey and team has changed out entire AC systems for me, as well as perform AC repairs. Each encounter has been a favorable experience. They're responsive, prompt and communicate the issue/resolution very well. I would highly recommend Air Houston Mechanical.
- Renee Dees

Huffman Heating and AC Tune-Up

The typical AC and furnace tune-up will begin with an inspection of the system and end with a series of tests, such as a test of safety controls and start-up ability.

The technician will make sure that the air blows out at the right temperature and with sufficient force. In between those tests, the technician could spot a number of issues and make minor adjustments and repairs to address them.

During maintenance, technicians complete a variety of helpful tasks:

  • Tighten loose connections or replace old wiring
  • Clean the compressor unit of a heat pump
  • Check the burner and heating element of a furnace
  • Lubricate the motor bearings and other moving parts

Cleaning and lubricating are essential parts of maintenance because dirt buildup and friction between moving parts generate heat and quickly wear systems out.

Cleaning out the condensate drain line is another common task. The technician could also check for leaks, such as gas leaks in furnaces and refrigerant leaks in the piping of heat pumps.

Even air leaks in the vents won’t go unnoticed, though addressing this issue typically falls outside the scope of maintenance. You’ll get a report detailing all that happened in addition to any repair recommendations.

Huffman’s Source for HVAC Tune-Ups

Air Houston Mechanical LLC has been providing maintenance for homeowners since 2009, and we have a team of NATE-certified HVAC contractors ready to serve you.

Trust us for quality work and personalized client care. Though we’re a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer, we offer our tune-ups for every make and model of furnace, heat pump, and air conditioner.

To learn more about our HVAC maintenance plan in Huffman, give Air Houston Mechanical LLC a call today.

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